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Who we are


success_2Inspired by the Welsh word for innovation (arloesol), Arlosoul is a business consulting firm that inspires growth through visual strategy.

Business is changing. Everyday, something new is on the market, some iconic brand or company has disappeared, people move. Staying in business takes courage – you have to believe in what you do; know that others want to buy what you have; know how to win, from the inside, out.

Business demands creativity. Creativity means “different” – aesthetics and structure that say something unique and distinctive about you. You – as unreserved, engaging, open and yes, innovative. Creativity demands new ways of thinking, new partners and perspectives.

To balance change and creativity; partners and competitors; hosting and driving; lean and expansive; diversity AND inclusion, YOU need to go BEYOND smart – you need intelligence.

You need Arlosoul…

Arlosoul inspires business growth by activating and visualizing new plans that kick aside old problems. The system validated, real-time rendered visuals identify your business challenges, clarify your priorities and supply efficient quick-to-market strategies that you and your team are excited to deliver.

“You must understand that seeing is believing, but also that believing is seeing.

Denis Waitley

Who We Work With

“A great meeting, workshop, or strategy session is elevated to incredible with Arlosoul… They are able to see needles in haystacks, make lemonade out of lemons and find trees within forests, all while live-drawing and synthesizing complex information.”

Kate Livingston, Founder & Principal, ExposeYourMuseum LLC

The team at Arlosoul actively looks for leaders and teams that:

  • Have high standards and are disappointed when they don’t meet them
  • Commit fully because they are passionate about their work
  • Expect to win
  • Look inside for strategic direction because they don’t know where else to turn to…but are open
  • Want to use innovative tools, and welcome the support of a thinking partner that can help them do it with brilliance
  • Look for a new ways to build business intelligence that is integrated into the way they work

When members of our team are paired with people who fit this criteria, we are:

  • Principled and disciplined- so you don’t have to be
  • A detail-oriented collaborator – so everyone gets heard and bought in; while focusing on what matters most for the business
  • Inspirational innovator – so you we all learn how to innovate quickly and often

Many of the leaders and teams we collaborate with are on 6 of the 7 continents, in Fortune 500 companies, internationally recognized outstanding NGOs and many local, state and federal agencies.

Great work demands a good picture

A key differentiator of our work is the inclusion of high-impact visuals called Strategic Illustration™. These real-time rendered visuals are an innovative and effective mechanism for harvesting, synthesizing, and documenting information and actions that individuals, teams and organization create, process and learn. 


“People are attracted to the use of pictures in the room. The left and right sides of our brain are activated and processing information and imagery at the same time, making new meaning of what we see and think. It is amazing to see how this engages people long after the meeting or experience is over.”

Chris Chopyak

Author, Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions Through the Power of Visuals

Arlosoul’s strategic illustrations are well-developed visual concepts that align to the outcomes defined by you, your team and other stakeholders. Unique and customized, templates and illustrations depict stories, activities and anticipated action using color, metaphors and content that is created with and for you and the people you serve.

Building on the popular work of “graphic recorders” or “graphic facilitators”, Arlosoul takes the work to the next level by strategically coordinating the visual images with design outcomes and ideas about how the visuals get used after the engagement.

Does this really work? Building on current cognitive and brain research about how people learn and apply learning at, and in, work. We know that pictures are:

  • An effective and efficient way of making new ideas and knowledge “stick”
  • A practical and fun way for people to share their thinking and ideas
  • Useful for all learning styles to make meaning of what is being learned and how to apply it
  • A fast way to get agreement and consensus with a group – its easier to get agreement on an image vs. text
  • An efficient way for the brain to process information – up to 60 times faster than just reading text

Pictures keep people engaged and create an enduring memory/recall of a shared experience.

Once the illustrations are completed, they can be digitally scanned and delivered in user-friendly formats to use as communication tools, track success of plans made, share compelling ideas with others (including internal and external stakeholders), and execute on strategies you have designed.

The Arlosoul Team

Christine Chopyak

Denver, Colorado

With exceptional business knowledge, experience drawing for and with business, and an international client-base, Chris brings a commitment to accelerating business performance and results through the practical application of innovation thinking and doing. Author of the bestselling Picture Your Business Strategy (McGraw-Hill, 2013), she has managed multi-year, large-scale projects over the course of her 20+ years as a business strategist.

Alece Birnbach

Denver, Colorado

Alece has spent more than a decade creating award-winning advertising campaigns based on targeted, strategic planning and branding. She brings this wealth of marketing acumen, drawing, and problem solving skills to her work with Arlosoul in strategic illustration. The combination of Alece’s ability to listen to her clients’ needs, along with her drawing ability, make her an ideal visual partner.

Philippa Cousins

Denver, Colorado

For over a decade Philippa has provided Human Resources, Organizational Development and Operations Leadership to fast-paced and growing companies. She has created organizational efficiency and agility by aligning talent, systems, and strategic initiatives. Philippa has supported founders and executive teams in driving organizational growth and the development of their leadership skills. She has used her expertize to build and optimize systems to recruit, engage, develop and retain organizational talent across a global context.

Philippa is motivated by supporting people to create powerful behaviors and achieve their goals. She is passionate about the power of self-understanding, emotional intelligence, flexible behaviors and goal setting.

Fredrik Holmstedt

Stockholm, Sweden

Fredrick is a “recovering” CFO, with expertise in leading and managing large financial projects, systems and processes. Fredrik’s leadership and management work brings new perspective to Arlosoul’s focus on teams and team performance.

Yolanda Nokuri Hegngi, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

Yolanda is committed to the growth and development of leaders, especially in global organizations. Currently supporting leaders in Europe, Africa and the Americas, she worked in the World Bank Group for over eleven years where she headed learning and leadership development at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), headed an Instructional Design Team at the World Bank Institute and before that in academia. The leadership development programs that she launched and managed at IFC where described as Best-in-Class by McKinsey in 2009. She was part of a team that published an article with Peter Senge’s Reflections Journal about the International Finance Corporation (IFC) nine year history of change entitled: Organizational Learning and IFC’s Mission Impossible. She recently published a book about her years of growing up in Cameroon, Africa entitled: Treasures in Darkness.

Martha Lanaghen

Denver, Colorado

Martha has dedicated more than 25 years to understanding how people interact with others, and with the products that they purchase.  Her expertise in customer lifecycle management (customer loyalty) spans a variety of industries including child care, telecommunications, and higher education; and encompasses a wide range of disciplines including sales and marketing, admissions, operations, corporate change and business analytics.

Scott Neu

Denver, Colorado

Scott is a “jack of all trades” here at Arlosoul, while he is responsible for the Social Media & day-to-day operations, his role transcends beyond that. His passion for design and multimedia have led him to increase Arlosoul’s video presence (including webinars and video conferencing via Adobe Connect) and allow us to think outside the box when it comes to how we can use our database of visuals. Last but not least his interest in how fellow millennials are behaving and engaging in the workforce allow him to facilitate conversations with his peers and others.

Ulric Rudebeck

Stockholm, Sweden

Ulric may be the definition of the ground-up consultant. Ulric’s early proficiencies include economics, systems theory and statistics — he even trained as a mechanical engineer. His 30 years in management give Ulric a valuable perspective in his work with executive teams, strategic visionary work, business planning, organizational development and change processes for clients on four continents.

Sabine Soeder

Frankfurt, Germany

An accomplished design and facilitation professional, Sabine’s background in design and architecture influences her stakeholder engagement approach to projects.

Cecilia Tank

Denver, Colorado

An accomplished business leader with a demonstrated track record in business development, Cecilia has extensive experience managing complex initiatives, devising strategy and leading teams in a global environment.

Mick Walsh

Appleton, Wisconsin

With over 35 years in the advertising, marketing, and creative arts industry, Mick has a passion for design, art, and illustration. An award winning medical illustrator / photographer for Mercy Medical he was also Vice President of Creative for GEM, a global design agency with offices in 11 cities worldwide. He is a featured speaker at national industry conferences and workshops and in 2012 he won the Best Video and People’s Choice awards at the North American Sustainability Conference.

Selected Clients

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