Feb 22

Strategic Illustration Course – Denver

Who doesn’t need a way of creatively expressing their ideas? 

Have you ever been in a meeting or out with friends and tried to explain an idea you have – and people just didn’t get it?  And, maybe, you tried to draw it? As you drew your ideas, people start nodding their heads or getting excited about what they saw –

We see this happen everyday and we think you should too!

Join Chris Chopyak (Author, Visual Strategist and CEO of ARLOSOUL: Visualize Innovation)  for a 2-day Strategic Illustration course in Denver, Colorado

Why:  Visual strategy and thinking is an effective and engaging way to describe, process and build ideas that address a challenge or opportunity you face.  As you work visually with your team,  the ideas come alive, people are able to create, process and learn into the kind of solutions they are excited about building.

Where else does this work? – story boarding, design thinking, mapping a customer’s journey, designing a new system/structure, understanding complex ideas and environments, building a stakeholder map, depicting change — graphic design, tech and web interfaces, and the list goes on.  Who doesn’t need a way of creativly expressing their ideas? 

How does this work?

We know that the human brain processes pictures 60X faster than text.

Its easier and faster to get people to agree on a picture of something than it is to get agreement on how something is said.

The human brain retains 80% of an idea or concept when it is visualized

Who should attend: If the above description fits you, you will greatly benefit from this two day course.  If you supervise people, consult with clients or lead a company – being able to create your own visual strategy is empowering and tells the story of you and the people you work with or lead.  Imagine being able to visualize what you think and what you do in a way that everyone gets it, and they like what they see!

When: February 22 & 23

Where: Lowry Conference Center
1061 Akron Way
Denver, CO 80230

Early Bird (until January 16): $600
After January 16: $795

Date and Time
Thu, February 22, 2018
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