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Looking for project success? Keep your people “Above the Curve.”

Project success is not only about staying on time, on budget and in scope—it’s also about keeping your team committed. In a recent experiment with multiple teams, Ginger Collins facilitated an exercise where they described what they are like (how they feel or behave) when they are feeling committed and not-so-committed to their projects. Or as she defined it, when they are “above or below the (commitment) curve.” It was captured on a white board and the teams had a frank conversation about what emerged that led to building trust, illuminated steps for leadership and gave the team a language for helping each other through challenging times. Join Ginger for a webinar where she will walk you through these outcomes and how to facilitate this exercise so that you can run it with your own teams.

Date and Time
Thu, April 19, 2018 10:00am (Mountain) / 12:00pm (Eastern)
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Adobe Connect – Online

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On March 1, join long time change agent, executive coach and learning master, Lily Ruppe who will introduce us to Changing the Conversation.  Lily will share with us the 3 levels of conversation that are happening all the time, based on Judith Glaser’s Conversational Intelligence®.  With her as our guide, we will learn how to use all 3 levels to elevate the quality of conversations we have everyday – especially in the workplace.   This science based methodology shifts conversations that trigger defensiveness and fear to conversations that build healthy, productive and extraordinary results.

Date and Time
Thu, March 01, 2018 10:00am (Mountain) / 12:00pm (Eastern)
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Who doesn’t need a way of creatively expressing their ideas? 

Have you ever been in a meeting or out with friends and tried to explain an idea you have – and people just didn’t get it?  And, maybe, you tried to draw it? As you drew your ideas, people start nodding their heads or getting excited about what they saw…

We see this happen everyday and we think you should too!

Join Chris Chopyak (Author, Visual Strategist and CEO of ARLOSOUL: Visualize Innovation) and Claudia Lopez (Visual Facilitator and Strategic Illustrator) for a 2-day Strategic Illustration course in Denver, Colorado.

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Why:  Visual strategy and thinking is an effective and engaging way to describe, process and build ideas that address a challenge or opportunity you face.  As you work visually with your team, the ideas come alive, people are able to create, process and learn into the kind of solutions they are excited about building.

Where else does this work? Story boarding, design thinking, strategic planning, mapping a customer’s journey, designing a new system/structure, understanding complex ideas and environments, building a stakeholder map, depicting change… the list goes on.  Who doesn’t need a way of creativly expressing their ideas? 

How does this work?

We know that the human brain processes pictures 60X faster than text.

It’s easier and faster to get people to agree on a picture of something than it is to get agreement on how something is said.

The human brain retains 80% of an idea or concept when it is visualized

Who should attend: If you’re looking to up your communication, strategic planning and problem solving skills, you will greatly benefit from this two day course, especially if you’re a supervisor/manager/leader, consultant/coach or business development professional. Imagine being able to visualize what you think and what you do in a way that everyone gets it, and they like what they see!

Your Instructors:

Chris Chopyak is a visual strategist, speaker, author and entrepreneur. With exceptional business knowledge, experience drawing for and with business, and an international client-base, Chris brings a commitment to accelerating business performance and results through the practical application of innovation thinking and doing.

Claudia Lopez is a visual facilitator and strategic illustrator focused on supporting social justice and organizations that work to create positive change. Her work is anchored in fostering connection, creativity and collective sense-making. 

Date + Logistics

When: November 13 & 14

Where: The Commons on Champa
1245 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80204

Early Bird (until October 15): $649
After October 15: $749

Date and Time
Wed, November 13, 2019 9 am
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Denver, CO

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Can you measure the health and vitality of your organization’s culture when you look at how you are implementing your over business strategy?  Can strategy implementation tell you about your culture?
In the past year, many companies (including Google) have conducted studies of successful teams–what helps them get their jobs done, be happy and successful?  Based on conversations with leaders of some amazing teams, and studying the latest research, Chris Chopyak will offer insights and three quick and easy ways to use strategy and culture to:
  • understand employee motivation and engagement
  • measure success toward goals
  • tap into the trust of the team to do something “out of scope”

On October 13 – Join Chris Chopyak, founder, CEO and visual strategist at Arlosoul for this interactive 30 minute webinar.  Chris’ questions around strategy and culture are part of new research she is doing for her next big idea… Be a part of the questions, answers and the quick ways to recognize that culture can be strategy in action.

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Date and Time
Fri, October 13, 2017 10:00am (Mountain) / 12:00pm (Eastern)
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