Courageous Learning Courses

All programs are offered through open enrollment OR we customize them, and come to you!


Visual Strategy: facilitation + strategic illustration

Have you had a great idea, tried to explain it, and people just don’t “get it”?

Where great minds, great ideas and great plans come together – visually – on a page

Day one we remember and re-kindle what it is to draw – everyone has drawn at some point in life. Day two  we connect the drawing with processes to create visual strategies. And day three a master class on facilitation.


Webinars Coming Soon

Webinar schedule for Spring 2019 coming soon…


Innovation Nights

Everyone is part of the global movement to innovate, right? In our experience, innovation requires both inspiration and perspiration. Innovation Nights are designed to maximize the global network we have access to through our membership at WeWork LoHi in Denver and bring all types of people together to think, do and act!

Click here to see this year’s schedule of Innovation Nights at WeWork locations across the U.S. All are welcome as we find ourselves in a global community of creatives and business people determined to make a difference!

Graphic Facilitation

Want to take your facilitation to the next level? This one-day program builds on your stellar facilitation style and skills to easily incorporate visuals. In graphic facilitation, we learn about and share:

• Effective ways to draw, talk and facilitate

• Simple, “make ahead templates” that work every time

• Simple ways to engage your participants in drawing to take their collaboration and solution-building to the next level

• Tying your images and metaphors together to “make sense”


“Tasty Bites” to catalyze your thinking

When we engage in new and different ways – our brains respond! Get out of your rut and take part in one of our short (30 minute) webinars. Arlosoul hosts these webinars live (and records them for later use) to jump start your thinking around a new project or problem. Past webinars include insights into the Gallup StrengthsFinder, using storytelling as an effective business tool, building a high-performance team and leadership challenges.

Click here to see the schedule for this year.
Want to see some of our past webinars?

Be Story Driven – Be Real


Intro to StrengthsFinder


Securing the Talent to Execute Your Strategy

(Guest Speaker)

Connection, Collaboration, & Storytelling

(Christine Chopyak & Guest)

Intro to High Performing Teams

(Christine Chopyak)

Culture & Strategy in Action

(Christine Chopyak)

Lead With Curiosity

(Guest Speaker)


One of our core values is learning.
When we learn, we are able to take our best and make it awesome. Research has shown that learning is one of the only ways we can let go of a sustained belief or embrace a new way of thinking or doing. Check out some of our “go-to” resources that we learn and grown with every day.

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