Strategic Illustration


line of attack, approach, tactic


design, sketch, visual, picture, mode

Arlosoul’s strategic illustrations are well-developed visual concepts that align to the outcomes defined by you, your team and other stakeholders. Unique and customized illustrations depict YOUR stories, actions, and approach.

Does this really work?

Building on current cognitive and brain research about how people learn and apply learning at, and in, work. We know that pictures are:


A fast way to get agreement and consensus with a group

its easierto get agreement on an image vs. text


An efficient way for the brain to process information

up to 60 times faster than just reading text


An effective and efficient way of making new ideas

and knowledge “stick”


A practical and fun way for people

to share their thinking and ideas


Useful for all learning styles

to make meaning of what is important and how to apply it


Pictures keep people engaged

and create an enduring memory/recall of a shared experience

Once the illustrations are completed, they can be digitally scanned and delivered in user-friendly formats to use as communication tools, track success of plans made, share compelling ideas with others (including internal and external stakeholders), and execute on strategies you have designed.

The Art

Strategic Illustration

Where did the ideas about strategic illustration, visual strategy and facilitation originate? In this graphic you can see how the emergence of experienced-based facilitation, meeting design and learning is interlaced with the use of visuals. It is destiny that the two come together to cultures to their highest purpose – achieve their highest potential.

On the shoulders of real changemakers and innovators, here are some of the people, places and idea-makers who brought Arlosoul’s unique value proposition to life


History of

Graphic Recording/Graphic Facilitation/Strategic Illustration and Ultimately – VISUAL STRATEGY

David Sibbet, Sandra Florstedt, Geoff Ball, offered 1st public workshop “Group Graphics”

Gareth Morgan, David Sibbet, Jennifer Landau, Suzanne Bailey, Joan McIntosh, & Bob Horn, helped define the field of "Graphic Recording", "Graphic Facilitation", "Graphic Process Consulting" & "Information Design."

Karen Stratvert, Lynn Kearny, Leslie Salmon Zhu and Susan Kelly founded International Forum for Visual Practitioners.

Other early leaders – Jennifer Hammond Landau, Suzanne Bailey, Joan McIntosh, Bob Horn (UK), Ulric Rudebeck (Sweden), Nancy Margulies

Visual Practitioners – Janine Underhill and Patti Dobrowolski and strategist, Christine Chopyak launch Alchemy: the Art of Transforming Business

2-day Alchemy Graphic Recording class hosted in Paris, France where the words “strategic” and “illustration” come together to better describe the business orientation and value-add of visual in business

Patty Dobrowloski - Drawing Solutions

The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide: how to use your listening, thinking and drawing to make meaning

Christine Chopyak - Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions Through the Power of Visuals

Visual Strategy + Facilitation = Inspired Growth + organization and business transformation - Arlosoul: Visualize Innovation