Who we Are?

Kent Frazier

Denver, Colorado

Kent’s current work lives at the conversational intersection of what he calls Emergent Leadership and Mental Agility. Kent has been a formal and informal leader within the “people practices” (HR) of organizations ranging from small privately owned start-ups to mid-sized private equity-owned growth stage companies, and publicly traded Fortune 150 organizations.

Organizations and clients include Ghirardelli Chocolate, Amazon Web Services, PETCO, Sapient, Centex, LRW, Helios and ArloSoul.
A host of questions are shaping his work at the moment, including but not limited to:

  • Who and what emerges as the leading force (energy) influencing what happens?
  • To what extent is that energy serving the purpose and stakeholders of the organization?
  • Who and what has power?
  • To what extent and in which way(s) is power shared?
  •  How does our way of leading and sharing power impact engagement, mental wellbeing, and performance for individuals and collectives?

Kent is also an advocate and campaigner for ending stigma related to mental health, working with organizations such as Silent Superheroes and This Is My Brave. He is currently exploring a partnership with the National Mental Health Innovation Center here at CU.

Kent holds a BA in Biology & Psychology from the University of Delaware and is a certified Integral Master Coach through Integral Coaching Canada. He’s a steward of Conscious Capitalism, an Ironman Finisher, a musician and a father.

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