Visual Strategy + Innovation

that are
part of yourplan

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How we work?

We engage you and your teams to think about a plan using visuals, color, and metaphors. We craft a “plan on a page” to capture and achieve your goals - a method we call visual strategy.

Does this actually work?

Yes, it does. You talk, we listen and draw, together we scheme and plan, you laugh, have a good time and then…want to learn more?

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Why strategy matters now?

Well-formulated, your
strategy is an engine for
increased productivity.

Without clarity of strategy, your team is at risk of aimlessly moving from one activity to another.

Close-up photo of a handshake gestureClose-up portrait of a smiling individualClose-up portrait of a smiling individualBetter PerformanceMore ProductivityMore Success

Do I really need a plan?

160 companies

tracked over a 10-year

period; logging in over

200 management best


Return for

Companies with a strategy outperformed losing companies by impressive margins.

*Source: Richard Horwath, Strategic Thinking Institute, 2006; updated version 2022





Our own research?

Since March 2020, we tracked 50

companies with pre-pandemic strategies.

They now exhibit enhanced strength,

focus, proactive customer response, and

improved employee engagement and